Columbia Cougar Flats II Family Cabin Dome Tent Review

Columbia Cougar Flats II Family Cabin Dome Tent

The Columbia Sportswear Company is a long standing company that provides extensive sports and outdoor gear product lines. For many years they have worked hard to provide innovative and reliable products and the Columbia Cougar Flats II Family Cabin Dome Tent is a perfect example of their attention to detail and convenience.

This Columbia tent holds between six and ten people comfortably within its two rooms. To keep occupants cool during warm summer days the Cyclone venting system allows fresh air to circulate within the tent. Additionally the GoBe Dry system ensures that the tent, no matter how harsh the rainstorm is, will remain water free. The tent also includes a bay window that’s patented design lets you keep it open even during a storm.

With two ample rooms able to be divided by a privacy wall, hanging cup holders, storage lockers, and other organizational features, the Columbia Cougar Flats II Family Cabin Dome Tent effortlessly combines comfort, storage, and ease of use into one spacious and affordable family sized tent.

Product Features

  1. Two doors and two windows
  2. GoBE Dry water proof system
  3. Gear loft, cup holders, pockets, and storage inside
  4. Camp port
  5. Holds 6-10 people
  6. Wheeled bag to carry the 54lb tent in

Product Details

  1. This popular tent on has an excellent rating of 4.5/5 by 130 reviewers and its shipping weight is 56.9 pounds.

Final Analysis

The Columbia Cougar Flats II Tent truly does an exceptional job of keeping you safe, dry, and protected from the elements. The divider extends throughout the entire tent and you simply zip it up to close it – unfortunately you have to walk over it all the time even when it’s not up.

The rain flap is very time consuming to attach however it does a fantastic job of keeping every single drop of rain out. This is definitely a great tent for the whole family. The storage and other handy features really make the overall camping experience even better.

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