Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Dome Camping Tent Review

Coleman Red Canyon 8 Person Dome Camping Tent

Despite being in the age of technology, taking time to enjoy the outdoors is not only necessary, but it is a great relief from the stresses of everyday life. A great way to get outside and have some fun is to go camping. Whether you are camping with friends or with your family, having a proper tent is essential.

For those of you looking to have a spacious tent then the Coleman Red Canyon 17 foot by 10 foot 8 Person Modified Dome Tent is definitely an excellent choice. This massive tent has room dividers that can be up or down allowing for the option to visit or simply draw up the walls for some privacy.

A common problem with most tents, especially larger ones, is that the ventilation is horrible which makes it stuffy and obnoxious especially on warm summer nights. With this Coleman tent you have mesh screen windows as well as a mesh ceiling which lets a gentle breeze in during the night.

Another problem tents often have is a nasty leak that develops. Waking up soaking wet or waking up to find your belongings ruined is never pleasant and tends to put a damper on the entire camping trip. Never again will you have to worry about any sort of moisture leaking into your new Coleman tent. With a WeatherTec System and heavy duty weather resistant polyester, this tent is safe, secure, and completely water proof.

Product Features

  1. Ventilation system
  2. Weathertec System keeps water from leaking
  3. 17 feet by 10 feet
  4. Holds up to 8 people
  5. Room dividers for three separate spaces
  6. Shock corded poles, storage bags, and stakes included

Product Details

  1. On Amazon this tent has 198 views and an average review of 4.5/5 stars. The shipping weight is 24 pounds and the product dimensions are 204”x72”x120”.

Final Analysis

Those of you who shop for outdoors equipment know that Coleman is a good name so naturally you would think that the Coleman Red Canyon Camping Tent will be a decent tent. Fortunately you won’t be disappointed. This tent can easily fit more people (might be a little tight though) and it really does a great job of ventilating – never too stuffy like some tents.

It also doesn’t leak one drop during storms or downpours! Definitely a great deal for anyone who loves camping!

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